Median Sales Prices in southeast Carlsbad for single family detached houses has now surpassed the $970,000 mark set in February of 2007 by 1.7% to $986,250 based on sales during October 2015. It's taken over 8.5 years to get back to this level, an extraordinarily long period of recovery compared to past housing cycles. Median prices dipped to a low of $570,000 in January 2012 - a drop of 41.2%. But since that low point, in less than 4 years, median prices have soared 73% to the current median of $986,250.

Detached Housing Price Graph for Southeast Carlsbad 92009

Don't presume your specific property has paralleled these trends as the median size or square footage can vary substantially along the way. Median price per square foot is usually a closer indicator; however this is not perfect either. One needs to compare similar houses in order to be more accurate. It's always fun or maybe a little depressing to find out how your home buying decision compares to the general trends in your market place. But knowing what happened could help you make a better decision the next time around. Contact me for help with that analysis. 


Southeast Carlsbad 92009 includes the Rancho La Costa Resort area and nearby neighborhoods of La Costa Valley, La Costa Oaks, Bressi Ranch, Rancho Carrillo and many others